Crafted around your life...


TF-July2018-0008We have been crafting kitchens for over 20 years at Turner & Foyeand have never been restricted by style ranges or standard dimensions.Every kitchen we produce is specifically designed and crafted around both our client’s tastes, and the room in which it is being installed.

Handmade in Surrey, our kitchens are made to measure, just like your finest suite or wedding dress. Every bit of space is utilised, every plate, piece of cutlery is accounted for. There is no such thing asstandard in a Turner & Foye kitchen.


Why would you have this level of
personality only in your kitchen? We are bespoke cabinet makers and our
team of craftsmen can create homely offices, organised dressing rooms and
cupboards, dashing display Cabinets and so much more, to add that Turner &
Foye touch to every room.Visit our studio in Esher to discuss
making your house your own, with Turner & Foye more than bespoke
design and craftmanship.

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